Great Taste, No Waste

Our Great Taste, No Waste lists are designed to make shopping and cooking easy.
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We’re excited to have teamed up with Lidl GB on the new Great Taste, No Waste campaign - a series of weekly shopping lists and meal plans that will feed a family of four, 3 meals a day for 7 days, with no wasted food.

Research reveals that 1.8 million Scots do their big shop without a list, which contributes to our nation’s food waste. The choices we all make in our shops and kitchens lead to a sobering 60 million meals going to waste in Scotland every month.

Our Great Taste, No Waste lists are designed to make shopping and cooking easy. Our research showed that more than half of Scots are feeling more stressed about food shopping than they used to.

That’s why we’ve been working closely with the team at Lidl to pull together the Great Taste, No Waste shopping lists, so that you can enjoy stress-free, waste-free shopping and great tasting meals. The handy meal planners are packed with delicious recipes all made using great-value Scottish produce from Lidl. For just £40 a week, you can feed your family food that they’ll love and feel good about joining the fight against food waste!

Great Taste, No Waste meals suit the traditional and the adventurous From roast chicken dinners to flavourful veggie curries, classic ham sandwiches to weekend pancakes: the simple cook-at-home recipes are bound to be hit with the whole family, as well as being kind to your wallet (and the environment).

Food waste is a major contributor to climate change. When we waste food, we waste all the resources and care that went into growing, transporting, packaging and cooking it. And, if wasted food ends up in landfill, it emits methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is many times more damaging than even carbon dioxide.

Great Taste, No Waste is all about valuing food and making the most of great ingredients. Our lists and meals prove that it’s possible to save money, time and the earth’s resources just by choosing to cut out food waste. To try the Great Taste, No Waste experience, take a look at our menus and download your list here. Be sure to let us know how you’re getting on through instagram or facebook.