Jamie Scott's top tip for a quick dinner

Jamie Scott's top tip for a quick dinner
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Jamie Scott, 31, is Chef Patron of The Newport Restaurant in Newport-on-Tay, Fife and the 2014 MasterChef Professionals winner. He's also a keen Love Food Hate Waste supporter, and shares his top leftover dinner tip with us here!
At home I often use up spare bits of veg and meat to make a Thai noodle broth.
• Fry up veg that you have in the fridge or freezer that needs using up. I like using half a red onion, peppers, carrots and cabbage • Add some chili, garlic and ginger, maybe some fresh coriander if you have it • Add any cooked chicken, or other meat that needs using up, and fry until hot and fragrant • For the broth, add coconut milk, noodles and simmer until everything is tender
It’s a firm family favourite for us, and it couldn’t be easier. Enjoy!