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A Sunday roast is a wonderful tradition: a chance to sit down with the family and enjoy a delicious spread. But the Sunday roast doesn’t have to be a one-dinner wonder - with a little bit of forward thinking you can rework your roast and save on time (and food waste) for the week ahead. 

Brilliant roast beef

There are loads of great cuts of beef that work well for roasting - whether you choose something more expensive for a special treat or a more affordable joint for an everyday dinner. But what to do with the lovely leftovers? 

Teamed with pappardelle pasta, our Beef Stroganoff is creamy and comforting - it makes a perfect midweek meal that comes together quickly! 

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Alternatively, pile leftover slices of beef onto soft white bread  with plenty of mustard and peppery rocket for the ultimate roast beef sandwich!

Perfect roast pork

Roast pork with apple sauce is a classic combination and although a little effort is required to achieve that perfect crackling, it’s worth it! 

Take your leftovers from Sunday lunch to Taco Tuesday. Inspired by the Mexican ‘Al Pastor’ tacos, we combine roast pork with a spice pineapple salsa for a family-friendly dinner that’s packed with flavour. Tip: Any leftover pineapple can be frozen and used in future smoothies. 

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If tacos aren’t your thing, you can also add any leftovers into a simple stir-fry - another great way to use up any other extra veggies you might have left over from Sunday. 

Classic roast chicken

A roast chicken is the gift that keeps on giving, a delicious Sunday treat with incredibly versatile leftovers! 

When it’s chilly outside, there’s nothing more warming than a hearty bowl of Chicken Soup. Not only can you use the bones to make a nourishing stock, but the leftover meat gets shredded up with a mix of pasta, aromatics and any veg you like - yum!

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You can also use any leftovers to make our Cheats Chicken Fajitas, ideal for when you need tea on the table with minimum effort